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Changing Lanes Challenge: Week 6

It's been SIX weeks since the beginning of the oil shortage, it's hard to believe that it's lasted so long, but I'm starting to realize that it's going to keep on lasting... 

That's why today I decided that instead of just blogging about change I truly need to implement it!  As I've said several times, I'm a noob when it comes to all this conserving stuff, but I'm willing to learn! So from now on, once a week, I'm going post a blog about something I changed in my life to help conserve oil.  I'll include photos or video or audio or _____ to show you guys that I REALLY am changing!  The best part? Everything I do is going to be simple stuff that ANY of  us can do in our daily lives! That way if you want, you can join in the challenge with me by posting what you changed in your life in the past week or you can use one of the changes I post and then report back on how it worked :)   

This is going to be FUN! I love making videos and taking photos and all that jazz, so it's nice to have a GOOD reason to take them and spend all that time editing and posting them.

Anybody with me??????

I can hear you all cheering through your computer screens, so I'll take that as a yes!

Now on to week six's "Changing Lanes" idea!

Starting today I'm going to start drinking tap water filled from these cute reusable plastic bottles:

Instead of continually buying and drinking bottled water (I'll save the ones I have for an emergency!):

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