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Changing Lanes Challenge: Week 7

This week I decided  to stop using any paper or plastic bags at stores, and instead use totes that I already own! For the most part, I've been using this pink one (I also have the same one in black though too, gotta color coordinate with my outfits!...just joking...sorta...).  If I know I'm buying more then what will fit in the tote, I just bring the black one too or use my gym bag.  I've gotten a few weird looks, but oh well :)  At least no one's accused me of shoplifting the bag, haha.

What about everyone else? 

Tom (http://ironmonkey.blogspot.com) left this comment in last week's challenge:  "I switched away from buying bottled water about a year ago. I filter tap water and drink it from a reusable bottle. I also got a soda siphon so I can make my own carbonated water from filtered tap water."

A Soda Siphon? Niiiice! I like that idea :)  though, I know, I know it's not a necessity at this moment, sigh.

Leave me your comment, or links to videos, photos, or blog entries about what you changed in your life this week to conserve oil and/or power. Heck, you can even come to chat and talk about your idea! I'm looking forward to seeing everyones great ideas :)

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