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Updates from Louisville

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May. 12th, 2007 | 07:12 am
location: Chicago
mood: bored bored

I took a commentor's advice and stayed in Southern Indiana, a few miles away from Louisville in a town called Clarksville. I've found myself  singing "take the last train to Clarksville and meet at the station" and really, the song is kind of true, I'd love to stay here, things down in Southern Indiana seem a lot more peaceful at the moment. Lots of gardens, lots of home grown foods, lots of Southern hospitality and A LOT of community building.  Of course gas prices are high as hell, but people aren't fighting over it like crazies, it's more laid back here, more accepting that this is life and it's time to adapt. I like that feeling. I wish Chicago felt more like this.  

Now, downtown Louisville and even getting into Louisville, is a whole other story.  If you're not familar with Louisville, the only way into the city from Indiana is to cross the Ohio river, there's two main bridges, and if those are blocked, your not getting in.   With the insane gas prices and over-all lack of ability of fuel, people are just leaving their cars parked on the bridges, making it almost impossible to cross.  In fact, it took me almost 3 hours to cross the bridge last night, I'm glad I brought gas cans with me in case so that I don't get stranded on the bridge. 

I'll be dropping of a present for all of you Louisville Sluggers sometime today, but who knows when I'll be able to get the drop coordinates out. I have the internet on my cell phone, but it's difficult to use at best. 

I'm worried about all you east/west coasters, please be safe! I'm thinking of you :)  

Hugs to all, 


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