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Drop Spot: Louisville (Go Get It Sluggers!)

Alright, I'm home, safe, finally. It took me TONS LONGER to get home then I ever expected, but that's a story that is going to have to wait until I get some sleep. At least, I'm here, safe and sound...well, as safe and sound as any of us in Chicago can be.

I left our wonderful Louisville Netizen's some tools to help them through! The exact location of the drop can be found here: http://dropspots.org/spot/1696 

I took some photos of the drop and the bushes I placed it in, but it's laaaate and I'm way to tired to load them at this moment, so I'll try and add them to the DropSpot gallery in the morning.  

This Drop is on Preston road, right under I-64 and across the street from the "Green" parking lot. There is a patch of wild bushes/trees, concrete, another patch (where the drop is located), concrete and then a final patch. You shouldn't have to actually step into the patch, I placed it about 2-3 feet in and covered it up with some leaves/branches. It's a plastic "gallon size" ziplock bag.

Happy Finding! If you take what's in it, please leave something for the next Netizen :)  Also, it would be AWESOME if you could take video or photos of you finding the drop! I'd love to see you guys finding it!

Alright, I need some sleep! Night!
Tags: awaken, drop, drop spot, educate, location, louisville, mission, world without oil, wwo

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